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How have I stayed in business so long without any business or marketing degrees?

In 2018 my first company, Flourish became a semi-finalist in the 19th Annual Family & Private Business Awards presented by the Goering Center.

By Flourish’s eighth year, I had made a lean, talented team that has served over 200 landscape design build clients and made room for my coaching practice to thrive. Certainly it was thrilling to be recognized alongside some other very esteemed local businesses.

How did a woman who works out of her beautiful home office get to rank among these well loved and widely renowned local businesses in such a short amount of time and with such a lean business model?

TWO THINGS: A fierce commitment to my clients & and an equally fierce commitment to myself.

This has resulted in impactful and lasting transformations for the clients who work with Flourish. Even more it also allows me to help other entrepreneurs with my coaching practice achieve better results for themselves. Above all I also enjoy a lifestyle I am proud of. 

My personal values are infused in the Flourish culture and those values include prioritizing time for friends and family, being surrounded in beauty, and living a life full of freedom and joy. As a result, the bonus is that I have created a sustainable and growing financial wealth. Most noteworthy, I feel joy and freedom most of the time.

In 2008 I was a girl with a Honda full of plants and a sketch pad who knew very little about business.

By 2010, I had officially registered my Flourish trade name and started evolving our offerings.

In 2015 we had our act seriously together and I quietly explored the launch of my coaching services.

By 2018, I had crossed over the threshold of being a personality based business and into having a systems based company.

From the beginning my focus was on creating beauty for my clients in big ways.

In the beginning I would learn that my clients were not getting the best of my talents and I could not figure out how to tell them more about what I could do. Between that and my lack of cashflow, I was mad and frustrated.

That’s when totally changed the game & I invested in myself.

I couldn’t stand having a dream that wasn’t materializing because I wanted results.

My self esteem was shot. I was a highly skilled broke person. If I didn’t start doing more rewarding work therefore my spirit was going to break, too.

At the time when my rent was $250/month (yes the apartment was crappy as heck and all I could afford) and the first coaching program I bought was $1800, therefore spending money I didn’t feel like I had seemed like a huge risk. The cost of not spending money at that time would have been much higher.

My freedom was on the line. If I didn’t make Flourish work consequently I would have had to take a job.

My ability to shine was on the line. If I didn’t learn how to serve properly, my future clients wouldn’t be able to feel the beauty I had to share.

My voice was on the line. If I didn’t learn how to speak through my own business, I would be forced to tell someone else’s story.

My joy was on the line. I knew I was not the type of person that could be happy marching to someone else’s drumbeat.

Was I going to let any of that happen?

Aw, hell no!

Even though I didn’t feel worthy of spending the money, I hired my first coach in 2011…and I made my money back in my first session with something as simple as a new perspective.

You are worth every penny you have and then some. Living your dream is not a matter of life or death, it is a matter of choosing between living someone else’s life or your life.

If you aren’t living on your terms, than whose life are you living?

Success stories not only for THOSE PEOPLE. Certainly everyone has access to any possibility. Success is about the results you are getting.

You can’t achieve great results by hoping something will happen. You make results by acting upon clarity.

A commitment to clients alone is not a sustainable business model. Unfortunately I have seen the ugly side of that world by watching other small business owners give away their power to live in a reactionary state of chaos. Above all you need a fierce commitment to yourself. When you decide to live for your clients only and not also yourself consequently you will loose a lopsided battle. That is not freedom and joy.

Guess who cares about your freedom and joy? You do. I do.

If you have a fierce commitment to yourself or at least the desire to tap into your fire, check out the FREE worksheet I have made for you on the right. This worksheet begins in one area I feel is most important to begin exploring your success.

Happy Manifesting!

ox, MA

Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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