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Recently I asked a client who had hired me to review a mini eBook I wrote.

The book is called ‘Sacred Space: How Your Inner World Connects to Your Outer World’.

After she read it she wrote in an email…

“This is great! Reading this feels so affirming. It helps me to see a bit more clearly what my priorities are to be.

 Also, affirms that I am already on the right track toward ordering them in a better way.”

In addition, she asked about my coaching services.

She complained about feeling fragmented and not clear on her purpose, and that the book resonated with wanting to feel more centred.

The next day, she hired me for my private Shift Forward Program.

Good for her for knowing what she wants, and doing something about it.

Is this something out of a marketing dream? Sure, but these sort of things happen all the time when you are being super clear with your message and making sure it’s getting out in the world.

It’s something I help people with all the time. You see, when you start getting real about who you are and telling people about it, those who REALLY resonate with your gifts just kinda show up.

Then all you gotta do is ask…so do you think I can help you?

It doesn’t have to be hard.

One of the things this client said to me as – I’ve been talking about working with a coach for years…and she was someone who may not have known what else I was up to if I didn’t speak up.

People need our gifts, they are counting on us to shine. So get out of your bat cave! Or a cat cave in my case…

In the book I shared with her, it describes how editing your environment can lead to some of the quickest transformations. I shared a few stories about how the people, places, and things in your material world are a mirror of your inner world of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Paying attention to these things and leveraging the significance of what they show you can not only transform your business but your entire life.

Here’s the book, Sacred Space! I want you to have a copy, too, so here it is.


Happy Manifesting!

ox, MA

Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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