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Are you curious about how sales and marketing work, like for REAL.
There is a lot of fake ass bull shit on the internet about how to get clients and customers. I’ve got the scoop about the popular crowd-pleasing opportunities that DO NOT work.
So, do you want to know what they are?
For starters, a class about a social media platform will not scale your business. While it might enhance your sales, social media platforms are not an entire strategy, they are PART of a strategy.
Above all, you need a full strategy to find your market, engage them, turn them into paying customers, and then nurture them along a journey of transformation. 
On the other hand, social media usually touches on each of these points, but they do not carry the entire vehicle.
Therefore, the smartest way to handle these courses is to binge watch them and take notes, then hire someone else to watch them and implement that part of your strategy.
Sound expensive? Try spending your precious time doing it and tell me where your business goes.
Also, posting everywhere all the time is obnoxious. We are all inundated with crap from sucky marketers as well as great ones. 
Firstly, choose one or two places where you plan to build raving fans and work hard to funnel them to that place – Instagram, Facebook, whatever it may be. Then post consistently. 
Post about your message and what you believe in and post moments from your real life. Simple. 
Also? Video is king. Get comfy showing your pretty face and you will be amazed at how your fans gain from what you have to share.
Where’s my hangout? Instagram Stories.
Lastly, you will never create a sustainable business if there is a systemic issue. Systemic issues in your business result in things like lack of sales, dysfunctional employee relations, and foggy marketing messages but you know where they stem from?
The owner.
Your business is your mirror as much as your environment is. It will show you what you need to own and take responsibility on.
If you need a life audit, look at what’s not working in your business.
If you need a business audit, look at what’s not working in your life.
The two biggest indicators of a dysfunction are lack of money and lack of time.
Lack of time often manifests itself as overwhelm.
Overwhelm is a result of poor boundaries.
Lack of money is a result of not owning your value.
See how your business can actually be a vehicle for self growth?
And great marketing, how does that work?
It relies on the business owner to have the ability to get over their own shit.
If you want to…
  • Make more money 
  • Stop overwhelm
  • Feel more like yourself
  • Set up your business so that it’s easy
  • Manifest a life of ease
I want to tell you a secret.
I did those very things for myself and honestly it got a little lonely.
Not everyone wants to make life easy.
Weird, huh?
That’s because being in struggle is an addiction.
Struggle is a pattern that loops over and over in our minds and the only way out is to transform the hell out of there.
People like the idea of change, but to actually do it requires the types of actions that change the ruts that have naturally formed in your brain based on your beliefs and experiences.
Entrepreneurs MUST change, though. For businesses to grow, the owners need to master change.
I am here to help you with that.
So….is it possible to scale really fast?
In my experience and those of the mentors and millionaires I follow, only if you have a coach.
They will all point out that if you can hire someone to help you save years of your life getting where you want to go, is that worth it?
Hey, if you are an entrepreneur or a wannabe ready to manifest the life and business of your dreams, schedule a time to speak with me about what your goals are.
Use the link below to schedule a free call and tell me how I might be able to help.
Happy Manifesting! 
Michelle Andersen
Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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