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Manifesting happens to be my word for what I help people do and I love this word.

Lot’s of people have taken this word and started telling hopeful lies about how to manifest and, even though I think most of them have good intentions, they are not telling you how to accurately manifest something.

And by not explain it properly, they are making it hard, and manifesting isn’t hard.


adjective: clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

verb: display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.

or: be evidence of; prove.

noun: a document giving comprehensive details of a ship and its cargo and other contents, passengers, and crew for the use of customs officers.


This lead me to how I see manifesting, it’s NOT just some hope and pray type of thing.

Manifesting works when clarity of mind leads you to take action.


This does not mean things will come toward you just because you want them, have burned sage, and purchased crystals. I do things with sage and crystals and overall I simply enjoy doing that. So, I use them to set intentions not manifest.

Manifesting does mean things will happen by taking a specific action.


So, when I use the word manifest, what I’m really saying is, ‘Hey folks, if you want the short cut, I can tell you what it is, you just get clear on what you want and then you get in action around it.’

If you do that, you are a Manifestor in my book.

I’m a Manifestor.

I teach Manifestors.

Manifestors aren’t easy people to teach because they like to move fast.

For me it’s easy because I am one of them. Most people don’t understand this and they act really weird when Manifestors do shit fast.

The reason I want to let you know that is partly because , if you’re a Manifestor and you’ve been scaring people your whole life, it’s because…you scare them. And that’s okay.

But who ISN’T a Manifestor?

After all, we are all creative beings creating our reality and if we are not creating our lives out of clarity, then we are creating them anyway from a fog.

You see, you are basically manifesting even if you aren’t being clear or specific about where you are going. You are always EVIDENCE of your actions and your environment is an INVENTORY of your evidence. But if you aren’t CLEAR about what you want, well then, you aren’t manifesting.

Or, you’re manifesting something but the results ain’t festive.

Here’s how to manifest an outcome of your choice:

Become clear on the outcome you want
Take steps toward making it happen
Enjoy the outcome

Yeah, it’s kinda easy.

It’s clarity, that’s the kicker…

Er…sometimes taking the steps is the hard part…

Oh, well, I’ve seen some people stumble over the ‘enjoy it’ part, too, because some people just don’t want to enjoy things.

So clarity is kind of the deal…and with clarity and action, you can do things FAST. Which is what I love to do…stuff FAST.

Like today, I’m going to share with you Manifestor T-Shirts ready for you to buy, because its’s super cool and why WOULDN’T you want a Manifestor T-Shirt?

Remember, we all are Manifestors.

And later on in the year, don’t be surprised when I let you know there will be a book I wrote about manifesting ready to check out…not my first book. But I just had a book mapping session with my writing coach, Madeleine Eno, and I’m stoked (and super fun scared)!

Manifestors do stuff FAST.

This is important for business because owners need to make decisions fast, pivot fast, and be creative fast. Business owners NEED to be Manifestors.


Congratulations, business owner, you’re a Manifestor.

Congratulations, you are a creative being and thus, a Manifestor!

If you feel compelled to get the T-Shirt and be the first on the block to have one pre-order it here:


If you’re sick of me…pfffft, you’re not sick of me, never mind.

Are you getting the results you want?

Happy Manifesting!

ox, MA



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