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If you want to know what I’m doing tonight as I’m scheduling this post for February 14th? I’m probably with one of my gal pals celebrating Galentine’s Day.

I know from 80s movies some people apparently go on dinner dates on Valentine’s Day, receive or give chocolates and roses, and celebrate some intimate time.

At age 37, I’ve never experienced this in my life.

Last year my pal & stylist Jackie and I went to Walmart from about 8 pm until 1 AM (!) and shopped like weirdos in all of the clothes and accessories pretending like they were high-end brands…did you know how savvy Walmart has become?

It was ridiculous, and the exact type of thing I like to do on a date, whether with a friend or a romantic interest.

Two #girlbosses, just having fun and loving life.

You know what?

Love is a big deal in your business.

How you treat it, how you allow it to rule over you, and how you allow it to exist (or not) will determine many of the aspects of how your business functions.

Because who you’re being as a lover or a single person will be the same type of person you are being everywhere else in your life.

If you would like to skip to the end of your romantic troubles and learn from my checkered past, definitely stick around and read things like this post I put on Instagram:

michellelynnandersen What to do with LOVE in your business?

Love yourself a lot.

Learn first and foremost how loving YOU works and work it.

You are the only one who will save you.

If you put the love of another before yourself, you will give your power to that person.

Think I’m crazy?

I WAS crazy.

I gave my power to the men in my life, and I couldn’t figure out why my business wasn’t turning a profit…

Why I wasn’t satisfied…

Why I wasn’t creatively fulfilled…

It was because I was waiting for them to do things for me like:

Be my source of fun…

Stay consistently attentive…

Try to be equally financially contributing…

Become interested in me as I was in them…

Guess what happened when I turned my attention toward me?

Let’s just say I’m fucking happy I did. No one will ever take my power away again.

Once you do that, you attract people who are on that wavelength, btw (MANIFESTOR!!)

Can I get love if you agree?

People give away their power when they don’t love themselves first and foremost in their lives.

Usually, the first person they give it to is their intimate partner.

(or their dates or desperation to date) and the second is usually kids.

Loving people and kids are not to come BEFORE loving yourself, but BECAUSE you love yourself.

Otherwise, love becomes codependency.

Knowing yourself, loving yourself, and nourishing your desire is THE path toward manifesting the life and business of your dreams.

How do I know this? Well, I did some awesome seek and destroy life missions in the love and codependency department so I can pass on the sage advice to you:

  • Love is both a feeling and an action. If someone says they love you, see that it is reiterated in their actions
  • The stories we have in our heads about love and relationships might suck. Seek a professional or a coach to get a new perspective if you want different results in your life
  • Desperately seeking a person to fill the hole in your heart is a journey that never ends
  • Another person doesn’t ‘complete’ you, if they do, you are their identity, not yours
  • Our intimate partners are our greatest teachers, allow the ones that don’t last to teach you what not to find in the next one
  • Just because you love and respect someone doesn’t mean you need to stay with them. If you’ve outgrown your romantic journey together

Oh, I have more….lot’s more.

But that’s enough for now.

When you tap the desire in your own being, you lose the desperation and tension you create trying to get that nourishment from another person.

When you are focused on getting your needs met from a romantic partner or if you tolerate a poor fit in your romantic life, you will damn well attract clients in that same vein.

Fill your cup with love if you plan to run a functional business with integrity.

Do things you love, be love itself, and love your life.

Look, I know it may not be the easiest of pills to swallow if for any reason you are in pain in your relationships, but hey, that’s why I’m here.

Hop on my blogs, podcast, Instagram…and you can get my free worksheet about connecting with your desire by clicking the button below if you need help.


Honestly, everything I do for your business growth is ultimately about allowing you and teaching you how to love yourself more. That’s EXACTLY what I did for myself.

Other things I do when I need to recalibrate are to put on some great tunes or go do something out of the ordinary.

Otherwise, I hope you’re enjoying a really lovely life.

No matter who you are I am honoured that you hang around for the ride.

Happy Manifesting,

Michelle Andersen

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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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