Program 1

Shift Forward Package

In this six month commitment you will uncover layers of beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to replace them with your truth. You will hone in on the desire within you that needs to emerge, and learn how to create a life built around acting out this desire. You will discover ingredients you need in your life that will allow this desire to flow and grow. You will have support from me by email and bi-weekly phone call.

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Program 2

VIP Vortex

For the driven, passionate creative who wants to benefit from the master teachings and natural laws that empower you to feel and be your absolute authentic, no-holds-barred true version of yourself.

In this day long immersion you will enter a one-on-one deep dive with Michelle into your current biggest challenges. You will leave with clarity around how to move past them so you can apply for results right away.

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Program 3

Shift and Vortex

Combine the two for maximum truth – by application only.

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Program 4

Virtual Flavor

Access to the well honed wisdom of many teachings, packaged up in an artistic setting for deep impact taught by Michelle. See how and why she does her own work continuously so she can support you for yours. These courses will include true stories about surpassing limiting beliefs, how and why to leverage your creativity and why it’s selfish not to, how to abundantly live with a feeling of joy and empowerment around finance and more. Coming Winter 2018

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