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My coach calls me ruthless sometimes, and I usually laugh. What she means is that I will chop anything out of my way if it isn’t in alignment with my vision. Leaving friends behind is actually the very first step I did to make a big change in my business and since it worked, I never looked back.


People, places, and things – if they aren’t serving me, they have to go. Husband? Chop. Expensive clothes that don’t feel are authentically me anymore? Chop. House I just bought twelve months ago and doesn’t feel good enough? Chop. It’s because I understand the intricate link between your environment and the impact it has on growth.


If you want to grow a business, you are undoubtedly committed to growth as a person. If you are evolving as a person, then your environment will evolve, too. I would painfully experience what happens when I took this journey and made leaving friends behind one of my first successful entrepreneurship tactics.

I didn’t start out ruthless as an entrepreneur. In fact, at first I was afraid to take leadership in my own company. In sharing the ‘fun’ of being in business I enrolled my dear friend into the fold and shared the profits with her. Despite that I was the owner, operator, sales person, and visionary of the brand, I was paying her way too much to take part in my plan. I justified it by looking at all the good work she did, but it was I who was taking the risks.


At that time I viewed my version of entrepreneurship as a way to have fun with friends. Unfortunately, I was lacking a clear vision of my own power in the situation and very little knowledge about cashflow management. Being out of money prompted me to eventually hire a coach. I did realize that businesses needed to make money, and I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t.


From my first coaching session ever, I learned that I was not owning my worth in this situation. By being nice, fun, and friendly, I realized came at the cost of owning my own worth. Once I saw how I was giving away my power, I knew what I had to do.


Being the A+ student I am, I took this light bulb moment and changed the rules with my friend the next day. I said – going forward I will hire you as a contractor if you are willing, but we are no longer sharing 50/50. If you think we remained friends after that announcement, you will indeed be wrong.


I knew my friend would can me before I told her. But guess what? I could see the value of being selfish that day, and I knew it had to be done. It hurt, friends are valuable. But running a business isn’t about being nice or making other people happy. It’s about sharing your gift with the people who need it and having the systems in place that make that exchange viable, full of integrity, and profitable.


And NOTHING was going to stop me from sharing my gift with integrity.

Turning into a real business person would mean my values would shift and the people around me would need to change. When I started valuing myself more, I would naturally uplift myself into circles where self-value was inherent.


Leaving friends behind would be an entrepreneurship tool I would have to call upon many more times over the next seven years. Eventually I stopped attracting people who didn’t need to be there in the first place.


Once I started to see the correlation between the inner work I was doing with coaches, councilors, and other practitioners to learn and grow and the way I would naturally attract different people, places, and things once I shifted into being a more healthy version of myself, I would start amplifying my growth by shifting both at once.


Things in our environment, for example our homes and our friends mirror who we are being. They show us what were a willing to tolerate. They either uplift us or bring us down.


The mirror I speak of is explained in detail in my mini eBook ‘Sacred Space: How your Inner World Connects To Your Outer World’ that I offer for FREE  right here. The reason I was able to go from the early stages of cashflow pain and misery to a very successful umbrella brand of offerings is because I leveraged the very method in that book to transform my life and business FAST. If you’re impatient like me and you want results right away, check it out.


The joy we seek can only be found when all clutter and unnecessary things are pushed aside.” – Sacred Space: How your Inner World Connects To Your Outer World


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