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So often, we find our lives suddenly “too busy.” Calendars feel full to bursting. The thought of finding time to make a delicious dinner is too time-consuming. Our careers seem to be on the verge of either falling apart or going gang-busters. How are we supposed to be intentional with our time and energy?

Allowing space for rest and relationships is as important as eating or sleeping. Our homes are a great example of this. When there is laundry half-folded on the dining room table, family meals are not our priority, regardless of what we may say. A cluttered desk does not promote productivity. An outdoor patio with furniture stacked, dirty, and weather-stained is not allowing space for gatherings and conversations.

In my experience, I’ve found that scheduling out time for the things you truly value makes a huge difference. When you could be spending the time making money but choose to spend fifteen minutes a day outside, you are going to value that time more. A clean dining room table ready for use is going to create an atmosphere for family to grow closer and to value that meal spent together.

When we allow space for even the smaller life events rather than focusing on the daunting, time-consuming ones, we are making a decision to live a memorable life and take notice of the beauty around us.

Did this strike something inside of you? Are you curious to know more? I want to help you create this space to understand yourself and grow and be challenged. Let’s work together.

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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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