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Would you like me to share with you one of my warrior business secrets that support me the most?
Kay here goes.
When I first had my adult apartments, they were sad but cute. I would take all my pennies and create the best arrangements I could because after all, I am a designer and I love beautiful spaces. 
Literally, that’s how I felt on the inside, ‘sad but cute’.
This was STILL happening when the business started. After moving into a butt ugly apartment in the West End at age 27 and it was so gross, not only did it have a popcorn ceiling, but it had popcorn walls.
This place was ‘just getting by’ and so was I.
Finally, it hit me as I was trying really hard to attract clients who would trust me to create really gorgeous landscapes for them – I wasn’t giving myself the most gorgeous of spaces. No wonder I was attracting penny pinchers, I was one!
I could see that I needed to push over a huge domino and start giving myself what I believed in.
This could not be achieved from where I was so I looked at my one new asset – a property I had intended to flip while the market was hot – and decided to change the rules.
I had purchased a home for $50k and planned to go in with my friend and coworker to flip it. Well, I fired her and told her I would be moving out of the apartment her fiancĂ© owned and cutting her out of our lucrative arrangement by moving into the home myself all on the same day.
This did not gain me any friendship points, no I lost that relationship, but that’s another story. (I did say warrior secrets, didn’t I?)
What it did do was position me to be in complete power over my environment. I owned a home, had a very low mortgage and started right away fixing it up with a renovation loan.
All of a sudden I started to breathe new life into everything I was doing. It was fun to dream and uplift the space I was living in. I was under construction as a person, too.
After three years of renovating, I had a gorgeous home that I sold for an $80k profit, and a much healthier client roster and self-confidence.
That home and I grew into ourselves together.
That’s when I really understood it. Your environment is your mirror.
It tells you what you are willing to tolerate, and what you value.
By the time I had gotten done renovating I had vowed to never renovate again. I knew I valued a new place in life where luxury is done for me.
Had I not stepped up and creatively found the money to do it and juggled all that while I built my business and networked my fanny off, I would have not pushed through the eye of the needle to the easy side.
It all started with me looking at those damn popcorn walls and saying, ‘This isn’t who I am!’
If you’ve ever looked at your home and thought that you owe it to yourself to carve out the space you need.
When you discover how your space informs you about where you are in life, you’ll never look at it the same again.
Hopefully, you’ll start treating it better, too, which in turn will give you permission to nurture yourself.
Next week I’ll go into the NEXT phase of my journey with my homes.
By the way, if you like this story and you need a life boost. Hop on a call with me by clicking the button below and tell me where you’re at.
Happy Manifesting!
Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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