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Have you ever created a story in your head about what a person means by NOT texting you back?
To clarify, I never did that…
Just kidding, I’m the Queen of this.
And I have A LOT to say about it.
Whether in business or personal exchanges texting has been the wild wild west of using our voices in ways we’ve never been asked to do before. 
For example, answering a question on the fly while being distracted,
Overthinking an answer before sending it days later,
Not answering at all or pretending like you didn’t see it,
Typing a rant then deleting the whole thing and not sending it,
Texting into the wee hours with someone half asleep,
What is going on here?
In short, people can use texting as a communication scapegoat as if in this arena they can play different games.  
Yet, more ways to communicate just means more ways to hide.
When people are acting a fool with texts, you can choose to be a victim to their games or set a tone that teaches people how to treat you. 
Messaging allows people to bury their real motives behind more time and fewer words.
Use your phone to connect and communicate by being as empowered in digital letters as you are in person.
There aren’t separate rules here.
See texting’s assets and use them, like efficiency and candor, colorful word usage and creativity with emojis, photos, and gifs.
Then handle any fog by addressing it.
Wrangle the cowboys who try to offset your mindset with nonsensical notes.
Pick up the phone and call a person if you have to, instead of swirling around in confusion.
Oh, and if someone isn’t answering you, the answer is no.
If they are asking for nude photos of you, it’s a lot like as if they saw you nude in person, very intimate. 
If a subordinate wants to text you, notice if they use this to manipulate favor or get their way. 
Texting in front of other people while not including them is a lot like speaking in a language they cannot understand. It’s a power play to say you are doing something exclusive.
The lack of body language texting comes with can be a way for people to test and invade our boundaries. 
Establish boss text boundaries by how you are being.
When our phone usage has wishy-washy intentions we are potentially getting sucked into a vortex of confusion.
Worse, messages can spin into being a distraction preventing you from focusing on your life where you need to.
Your words and exchanges in the text are powerful, not casual. 
They perhaps set your tone even more strongly than when you have body language to diffuse it.
Nothing is too tiny to be overlooked when lifting up the hood of your life.
Just looking out for ya – a little birdie told me to talk about phones this week 🙂
Happy Manifesting!
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Michelle Andersen

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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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