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You’ve never been afraid to stick your neck out and say what’s on your mind, right?
I thought so…
You probably say what you REALLY mean all the time. 
Well, I envy that. 
Pffft! I hope I made you laugh. It can be scary to say exactly what you mean all the time.
Do you seek approval from others?
There’s even a dirty phrase for it and it’s called ‘people pleasing’. Ew.
So why do people do it? 
Because it can be uncomfortable to disagree.
People pleasing not only happens to be part of our social culture, but it carries over into business. 
What does your business look like when you don’t speak your mind in your conversations, messaging, and branding?
You know what, #FIRST#, being authentic and having a functional business means really sticking to your word. 
  • money gets lost
  • time gets wasted
  • you lack boundaries 
  • clients run YOUR show
  • you’re stuck reacting to things 
That means you HAVE to stick your neck out and say what you mean. 
When I first started doing this, I realized how often I hadn’t been stating my truth and I could see how I created a mess with my money, my time, and my client list. 
Once I started undoing the overwhelm with truth, two things happened. 
My business & my personal life started looking a lot more like I wanted them to. 💡
Sometimes my truth simply meant saying ‘NO, I don’t do that service,‘ instead of ‘YES, I can, (and I’d be happy to change my business to fit your needs)’…..
You cannot operate a functional business model like that. 
People will get mad when you all of a sudden change the rules from giving in to what their needs are to sticking with yours, but that’s ok.
Being of your word in your life and business is kind of a big deal.
When you are of your word, you’ll attract people who value YOU.
As inspiring as that may be…I know that some people don’t know how to connect with their own true voice.
They don’t trust it…or they don’t have the courage to go by it.
They’re afraid it will hurt others or ‘rock the boat’.
People don’t speak their truth because they’re insecure.
It is sad because of the fallout from this leads to things like ruined businesses, ruined friendships, ruined marriages, addictions, and basically all the things you do when they are prevented from shining the way you were meant too.
Shining is apart of your destination!
Live your truth, Seeing people die from not living their truth and being of their word, and people lose their spark because of “people pleasing” is distasteful 
So, when you’re not your truth…you’re somebody else’s. And? It makes NOBODY happy. Therefore, you can never make other people happy, their happiness is up to them.
Most importantly, It is hard shifting back into your truth,
After putting together a whole kit of parts. I will be offering this month for people who need help recalibrating towards their word.
So, stay tuned for more about that. Cuz I ain’t playing no games.
Happy Manifesting
xoxo, MA
Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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