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It took several months for me to understand what my niche is as a coach. It was uncomfortable not to know this because there are so many coaches out there. How am I different?

If you don’t get specific in your business, you won’t attract the right following. And if you stay quiet, you will attract no following at all.

You will learn a lot as you go along. I’ve learnt so much in almost a decade after starting and running Flourish, my landscape company.

Starting out was a big failure, trying to be everything to everyone was a big mistake.

After speaking to everyone who needed landscape help. It became clear, if you try to be everything to everyone, you will confuse your true market. Most people need something specific. If you get really clear on the specific thing you offer, you can easily find the people who need that specific thing.

Therefore, if you aren’t sure of what your message is in your business, you need to be practising it so that you can hone it. Trying out your message through networking, social media, and marketing will help you to define yourself. Whenever you begin to see how people are responding and make adjustments are you go, you will create clarity in your message.

People respond to clarity.

Potential clients will feel so much more comfortable hiring you when you are clear about what you do.

Using Flourish, for example, a few competitors to us might also design and install landscapes. If a person wants to have a new landscape, why would they choose us over the other guys?

Flourish has no desire to help people who are keeping up with the Jones with flashy new things. But we do love to help people who want to hang out with their family in a beautiful outdoor living space.

Since we know that, we can build our marketing around this type of person. If we understand our potential clients, we can speak their language. This is reflected in the design packages Flourish creates and the words we use on our website. It also informs the things we talk about on social media and the way we talk to our clients in person.

Flourish knows itself, and therefore it knows how to talk to potential Flourish clients.

Does it work? Oh, hell yeah.

In the beginning, my first strategy was walking door to door on muggy Summer days in asking nice people with money to hire Flourish. Now, sitting at home is my daily job with a few marketing strategies that funnel the perfect clients to us.

Flourish went from serving a variety of characters to a well-defined target audience that really benefits from what Flourish does well.

But HOW did I do it?

By focusing on specifically what my desire for helping these people is. 

At first, I was just making guesses, but then I figured out how to become strategic. I thought about who I would most enjoy helping. It turns out, that person is a lot like me. The only difference is, this potential client is at a stage their life where an outdoor living space transformation was desired. Perhaps they had bought a new home, started a family, or empty nester. My focus was on values this potential person would have so I could narrow down my marketing even further.

Flourish clients have the same values as I do, so it makes it a pleasure doing business with them.

It was a light bulb moment when I realized I wanted to help a really specific area of the market that was like me.

With this shift, I was able to double Flourish’s residential sales in 2018. 

Before realizing this and implementing it in a strategic way I was attracting some great clients. I also found some doozies because I didn’t know how to filter out the ones Flourish really couldn’t help.

Inappropriate potential clients hardly ever call me anymore. They are vetting before we even get on the phone because our marketing is so clear. If they do, our initial conversation will reveal they aren’t fit. That prevents my team from wasting time going to their home. If it won’t be a win-win relationship to bring a client on board, we send them where they can get help.

To get clarity in your marketing message you need to:

  • Define the values of your brand
  • Define what values you want your target market to have (the same ones will make it easy)
  • Package up offerings that make sense to that target market
  • Set up strategies that make you visible to this market
  • Have a clear way for them to take action and engage with you
  • Have the right sales conversation that helps them see if you are a match

Those are the badass steps for magnetizing the right people toward you.

It’s not a small task, but not an impossible one, either.

My coach was a great sounding board coach as I built and tweaked my craft for Flourish. I worked hard on building that beautiful flow. The results provide us with fun clients and consistent cash flow.

Coaching for every business owner is highly recommended by me. It is great to have a second perspective on places where your business is stuck.

The early days of building Flourish were challenging. After speaking with DIYers, people who wanted to do ‘green’ projects, people that had disposable income, and people that liked art. So, I decided to find my specific clients.

Having a coach showed me where my business needed help. Using my coaches guidance, I could make changes quickly. When I zeroed in on my desire and company values that the marketing game really changed to Flourish.

Before the change was made so much time and energy just flailing.

Entrepreneurs waste time and money when they take any job that comes their way. This is a reactive way to do business and it prevents proper growth. We all do it,  but wanting everything to be beautiful and easy is unrealistic.

It can be beautiful and easy. That’s how we discover our voices as a coach.

Transforming from flailing to easy, stuck to flowing, miserable to manifestor…

It became evident when I flailed as a coach what my coaching message would look like and it still evolves.

Taking the overwhelm out of it is my expertise. I helping people find clarity in :

  • What your services are
  • Who you want to be helping
  • Your business marketing
  • How you are spending your time as the boss

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Happy Manifesting!

ox, MA

Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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