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When I met Blair O’Hara at Funnel Hacking Live last month. I liked him right away, like many of my new funnel hacking friends.
Like me, Blair wants to share what he has learned about transformation.
We claimed a front spot at the most exciting conference I’ve ever attended. We were wowed with a good view of Brendon Burchard, Steve Larson, Russell Brunson. As well as, other inspiring marketers, entrepreneurs, and coaches. 
It was fun to watch this entire marketing mastery unfold with a new buddy.
As we got to know each other he explained his story of a huge identity shift he went through. Blair said he suffered for two years with a knot in his stomach as his body resisted the life change of going through a divorce.
His world of married family guy was shifting in a big way, and his mind didn’t want to believe it.
Eventually, he figured out how to heal all the stress he felt inside when his body didn’t seem to agree with what his mind was doing.
Blair learned how to tap into how our thoughts and our emotions play a huge role in what pain manifests in our bodies. Then he learned easy ways to release the pain.
Blair was at the event to get the information he needed to share his message of ‘Let It Go’ with the world because he had been called to do so, and he shares how this happened on my podcast.
Have you ever had to go through a major identity shift that your body resisted?
What about stress? Do you know how to feel when your body needs your conscious help to let stress go?
And since I am totally committed to sharing tools with you. They will help you transform from where you are right now. I’m sharing with you Blair’s new Let It Go Challenge
If his story strikes a chord with you, you may want to hop over to his page and check out the challenge.
Next week I will share another talented transformation specialist and funnel hacking friend who helps with getting out of ‘brain ruts’.
Happy Manifesting!
By the way, if you would like to know where that ‘stop working hard’ place lives inside of you, I have a free worksheet for ya at the link below.
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