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Do you ever feel as if you are just not good at money stuff?
Are you second-guessing how much you should spend on yourself or on a vacation?
Do you ‘wing it’ when making big money decisions, or even on lots of little ones, creating a fog of money thoughts that never add up?
Also, what about planning ahead? Do you have a clear picture of what you need to create a lovely lifestyle and a plan on how to sustain it?
Right, welcome to the club.
Most people are really distant with their money at least in some area.
The thing is, money manifests itself in our lives as a relationship we have.
We interact with money, therefore we have a relationship with it…or we don’t.
Our money relationship mirrors the relationship we have with ourselves, other people, and other aspects of our lives.
The more intimate you can be with your cashflow, the more intimate you can be with your other relationships, too.
Funny thing is, money comes to us THROUGH other people, therefore relying on our ability to have relationships in the first place.
So, if we want to be abundant, we have to learn how to relate.
If you are stuck around money, you are stuck around relationships in general.
The money mirror is telling us to look at where there may be resistance if we want more abundance. 
Abundance is a feeling.
When you have true abundance in dollars, it will carry over to wealth in other areas as well.
The thing is, it’s super cool to look closely at your money and the relationship you have with it. 
After launching the business,  uncertainty crept in, clueless about how to look at money and the business had tens of thousands of dollars coming in and out of it every month.
Essentially I had gone from a $17/hr employee to a landscape contractor. I had bills to pay, and unforeseen items that cost money like workman’s comp and fun stuff like that.
After not looking at cashflow closely for the next couple years, in my dad’s words, I eventually found myself ‘Up Shit’s Creek.’ 
One day my key friend and landscaper billed me three months late for about $60,000 of work and I realized I didn’t have nearly enough to pay him. 
I had no relationship with my money. It had been controlling me up until that point with my fancy guesswork, but not being able to pay my friend caused me to shift gears and make it right.
If you want to avoid a wake up call like I had, you’ll want to know this:
  • Not looking at money keeps money away 
  • Unhealthy relationships blocks cashflow
  • Clutter, toxic people, and dysfunctional behaviors blocks cashflow, too
  • Happy people magnetize money (insert self growth & self care here)
  • Big money hides on the other side of a major personal growth spurt
What got me back on track? My coach, the money coach I ended up hiring, and the relationship I built by looking at and loving up on my money. 
So, even when I ran out of money, I did not let go of my coach.
But, it wasn’t ‘done’ yet, If I acted out of a poverty mindset and let her go due to a restraint on funds I would not have the right direction I needed to get out of debt. That contractor wasn’t the only person I owed at the time.
Creating a better relationship with money and admitting where it isn’t working. After which, this will create a gateway to abundance in relationships.
Dismiss the old stories that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ or whatever controls you. Therefore, you can manifest the right amount of wealth to support who you truly are.
The weird thing is, with enough personal growth, creating momentum with cashflow becomes super easy!!
For example, one fun way to improve your money mindset is to engage with my network.  I am at the monthly Happy Hour, posted below. I purposefully invite uplifting people and host these in a beautiful setting to set the tone for abundance.
In conclusion, if you really want to dig in and chat with me about where you might be stuck around money, please schedule a call with me below.
Happy Manifesting! 
Michelle Andersen
Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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