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Have you ever gotten frustrated that working harder on something didn’t produce the results you wanted?
Usually, the magic is just over the part where you might throw in the towel.
There are two ways to manifest a result. 
One way is to create heated momentum toward it until it combusts before you. 
It’s kind of like when a runner has that last 10 second stretch before the finish line. It hurts so bad to push through, but the runner’s faith and the determination result in a gold medal.
Then there is the sit back and manifest its method. Here you have complete faith in the result, but no attachments to how it might happen.
For example, your faith and expectation that your car will safely take you places at extreme speeds would have sounded bonkers to a human 200 years ago…yet we expect it now. Manifesting a zippy ride to the store isn’t even thought of as an event. Fast travel is so much a part of what we expect, that manifesting it is effortless.
So if such amazing manifestations are rampant in our abundant world, how is there so much lack?
By lack I mean the kind of limitations we place on ourselves when we don’t appear to have the time, money, or self worth needed to feel happy.
It’s because of control.
Trying to control the outcome of things has a counter-intuitive effect where instead of getting what we want, we often choke out the magic of allowing what we want to emerge as we desire.
Control squashes out time, money, and confidence by sending a message that we don’t trust things to unfold well on their own.
That’s why ‘power’ is so fascinating. Healthy power involves letting go to the extent that you are ’empowered’ to allow your desire to unfold rather than ruling over the will of others to get it from somewhere outside of yourself.
Healthy power requires letting go of control. Unhealthy power is when someone forces events to happen.
The thing is? Empowered action, action filled with integrity, inspiration, and faithful letting go, stirs up way more abundance than trying to yank something like money or love out of someone of somewhere else.
In essence, we have to be magnetic to get the things in life we desire, not grasping for those outcomes.
Instead of being in control and dictating HOW things need to happen, great things in life happen better when we allow them to flow toward us.
In order to get into the mindset of letting go and manifesting, play is in order.
Play? Like acting goofy and letting your hair down? Yes, that thing.
Yet play scares people to death…because it’s the opposite of being in control. 
Play brings us present to spontaneity and draws from us our most natural actions, while control is premeditating how an experience needs to unfold. 
Control asks us to think about what we need to be, while play just makes who we are emerge with ease.
Play brings us to the state of letting go of control, and that’s where manifesting happens the most effortlessly.
Choosing play requires us to let go of curating our lives and to step into allowing more than who we think we are to unfold as our new reality.
Play takes us to a place we can’t predict.
Notice that the people who most desperately want something are the ones least likely to get it?
Because they are TRYING too hard. You can’t beat money or love out of the world and expect it to come at you.
Trying too hard is control, the opposite of play.
You have to open yourself to your wonderful unique nature and allow the beautiful things that match who you find you.
Anything else is stressful.
Play empowers people to let go and manifest the things they want faster.
It makes us forget to control the outcome.
Play is scary because it is the unknown.
When I was struggling the most in my business, I had a coach ask me to play. 
The only thing that made me do it? Was that I wanted to be an ‘A’ student and do what I was told…
But it taught me that I was mitigating my whole life and choking out the magic.
Making myself play had massive results in my personal world, and my bank account.
Abundant lives are playful lives.
Join me and my crew next week at my monthly HAPPY hour (details below). And bring someone who needs to get out of their head a little.
Be around people who want to play, too.
Happy Manifesting! 
Michelle Andersen
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