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Writing this but in a state of exhaustion.
 No matter what personal or business upheaval pops up when I take a break to regroup, it’s easy to get my attitude back together because I’m so grateful.
Gratitude came to my attention as a byproduct of the need to change. 
In order to run a business properly, you need to become a functional adult.
Consequently, fussing and fretting in fear about getting clients to fill my year would need to stop.
I had an attitude of ‘getting’.
Growing up this concept of gratitude wasn’t in sight. I grew up with the concept that the world revolved around me and hustling was a must. 
Mom is a busy bee. Therefore, her garden, her home, and her garage were always spic and span. There was always a project to complete. 
Therefore, balancing the driven nature was as a result of the environment and principles taught. Having the ability to enjoy what I had achieved came later in life when I changed my tempo.
At some point churning projects around in the speedy nature of the landscape, the industry wasn’t serving my psyche.
In short, working harder isn’t smarter, read this in a book on gratitude.
After reading a book on gratitude, a memory came back, while driving down highway 71 and thinking, huh…gratitude is supposed to be good for business?  Then I noticed a car pass by the right as I was thinking that and the license plate said GR8TFUL.
It was clearly a sign.
It would take a long time for anyone to start layering gratitude into their lives. The more we grow as business people, the more we realized the most successful people are applying gratitude in spades. Being an A+ student, I began to do the same.
Gratitude is key to Manifesting. 
Gratitude shifts the ‘getting’ mode to the ‘giving’ mode and that is the key to magnetic to opportunities.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear Rachel DesRocher’s story about building her business on gratitude. In the latest podcast interview, Rachel talks about weaving gratitude into everything she does. She has created a very impressive compilation of gatherings, businesses, events, and even a gratitude journal. These came from her commitment to making everything stem from a grateful beginning.
Rachel is a major Manifestor. Starting with her Grateful Grahams cookie company, she explains how growing up with gratitude inspired her to start a gratitude company. This company also happens to make cookies.
I really hope you get a chance to hear Rachel’s beautiful way of growing with gratitude on the Manifestor Academy for Entrepreneurs podcast.
Just as I always want to have what you need to manifest great things, I’m so grateful you are here with me.
Happy Manifesting!
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