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Have you ever wondered why you just don’t do the thing you say you want to do?
If you’re frustrated you haven’t started:
  • A vegetable garden
  • Taken your business to the next level.
  • Made it to your big European backpacking trip yet (who does those anymore, anyway, lol).

Good news, you are not alone.

Therefore, many people suffer from holding dreams hostage because they can’t change how they think right now.
For instance, most of the time we are the only thing stopping ourselves from getting somewhere (if not all of the time).
But why?
As my new funnel hacking buddy, Daimon Sweeney puts it, we develop what he calls ‘brain ruts’. They keep us from escaping the Status Quo Maintenance Program (SQMP for short).
In addition, the way he describes it, our personal history and our culture create this neuro-network of pathways in our brain that keep us staying safe and doing the safe things over and over again. The SQMP (say skimp!).
To clarify, change is so hard because of the mentality of trying to stay safe.  As if ‘safe’ is what we’ve learned based on our environment and experiences.
While this is good for a hunter-gatherer culture, it doesn’t help people who want to manifest change.
I interviewed Daimon on the podcast after I went through both of his programs where he promises to either help you Get Over Your Ex or Get Out of Your Own Way….in four hours.
Most importantly, I’m glad I went through both of his workshops first and I was surprised by how chill Daimon was as he explained his simple & powerful technique. Just a day before I had experienced massive results from his programs and they are nothing to shake a stick at.
I mean – have you ever spent months or even YEARS trying to get over something? Well, now you can do it in four hours.
So, as you may know, modalities help blast past limiting beliefs and I was amazed at how easy and accessible his technique was and how immediately I had let go of some ‘brain ruts’ I had that was stressful to think about.
Imagine what you could do if you could only let go of that thought that keeps you from moving on.
I know from personal experience how debilitating it can feel to emotionally move on from a personal relationship that didn’t work out.
If you’re curious about Daimon’s programs, click right here to go to Get Over Your Ex Now.
So, if you want to listen to our podcast, check it out here!
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In the next few weeks you will hear about a woman who built her business on gratitude and some other really fun conversations I had with healing Manifestors, marketing Manifestors and more!!
Happy Manifesting!
In conclusion, are you curious about working with me one on one? To create results that you haven’t been able to get on your own? Click below to schedule a 40-minute call with me to apply for my private coaching program. I would LOVE to help you on your journey. If you are ready to manifest, click below!
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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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