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Have you ever been so fired up about something but weren’t sure if you were being heard, or if anybody cared? 
Or,  have you ever wanted to start offering services or create a business from a place of true passion but spent time hiding from your calling?
Sure, these scenarios are common in creating businesses. It’s scary to get it out there. 
But what if you felt this way about your life? 
Like no one really cares about who you really are? 
It is like your inner amazingness doesn’t really matter?
And you’d build a world, and tried really hard, too, and it just doesn’t add up to what you thought you’d get?
In other words, it sucks to feel this way. It’s ‘my story’. 
Therefore, the fallout from not living your truth are things like depression, shame, guilt, not going after what’s really yours, and fake life, basically.
The reason I corrected my disconnection is that I was fed up with not knowing what I was supposed to be doing with myself.
Once I had gotten married, designed a business within my ‘passion’, and bought a house I was more miserable than ever and I thought…ok, time to do some major surgery because these life milestones haven’t done anything for me except reiterate WHO I WASN’T BEING. 
I wasn’t being ‘me’. 
Essentially I didn’t know how to. 
This is a common scenario, and nothing to be ashamed of.
I had simply strayed far from my truth by believing things about the environment I was in. Things like, ‘This is all I’m capable of.’ ‘I guess I’m just going to have to settle here.’ and other LIES.
I had decided to change and even though I can be VERY stubborn, I was in so much pain and frustration over not feeling fulfilled that I became open to the possibility that someone could help me.
And? I became committed to a complete transformation.
This is how I did it:
  • hired a coach 
  • implemented a new perspective over and over and over again
  • changed my environment COMPLETELY
  • let go of false beliefs that were running my life 
  • started reconnecting with my inner wisdom with baby steps
  • NEVER STOPPED the transformation
That’s it. 
To reconnect with who I was being I had to be open to the possibility that going on a journey without a road map would take me where I wanted to go.
One of the things that made the transformation such a success and a lasting one is that I changed the people, places, and things in my environment.
Weird? Sure it was.
I was selling my house, kicking my husband out, getting rid of ALL my things. 
To do this, I had to put my big girl pants on and say F@%K it to how much money I DID NOT have to do that, who would hate me if I did, and how it could all fail.
 Life was on the line…because my whole life was at stake.
Think about it – I had built a life that didn’t look like me, even though I tried my hardest to make it cozy and beautiful. It just wasn’t authentically who I really was.
It kills me to hear of how many couples stay together because they have built an entire environment together like a house, friend circle, traditions at holidays, kids kids kids, pets, lots of material things, comfy homes…but they aren’t happy together.
These are fake lives. And everybody involved suffers from them. They seem SO scary to leave.
But if you’re committed to a process that isn’t working, you can’t connect to that authentic version of you, and everything you try to do will feel harder. 
And as in life, so is in business, your business will suffer as well.
So, I have a beautiful circle of divorced friends and most of them have kids. They all feel like they did the right thing, but they know it shook their world up.
Most importantly, these strong people were open to the possibility that the scary unknown would be better than building a fake life with a partner who wasn’t in their best interest to be married anymore. 
Moreover,  they all talk about how some of their married friends stopped talking to them because they don’t have the courage to do the same.
Certainly, personal transformations go deep, and they can be WAY scarier than just looking at business, but they are connected in every way.
Here’s what I know to be true about finding who you are, and truly being happy:
  • clear out what’s not working in your life including all people, places and things 
  • at first, stepping toward the unknown will feel impossible, do it anyway
  • the price to pay for staying stuck is…your life
  • no matter what needs to happen to undo what’s not working, do it
  • the cost of not connecting with your truth is…your life
This process is about love, #FIRST#.
Would you agree that you have to love yourself first in order to love others the best?
Then why is it so uncommon for people to put the love of their own selves before everyone else?
Watch this video to go deeper into being open to the possibility in your life and business.

Click here to see my video on this topic

So, if you’re struggling with that road map to love your #1, then pop on a call with me below.
To clarify, I can’t want your happiness more than you. But if you really want it and need that new perspective, I can help.
TRUST me, the perfect outcome for you exists.
May I walk in my own shoes as an example of what can be.
Happy Manifesting!
xoxo, MA
Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at

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