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A home is a place of retreat and comfort, or at least it can be.

Recently a friend told me that his bedroom was just a place for clutter. I think this is one reason why some people need to vacation. They need to go somewhere “nice,” somewhere far away from the mess and dysfunction. Many homes leave much to be desired in this way.

While I love to go away and get a change of scenery, designing home life to be intentionally supportive of escaping the rest of the world can balance how we live. A home that rejuvenates us the way vacation does can give us that fresh perspective we need to stay inspired daily.

What if you came home to a bedroom that felt like your favorite hotel? Could your deck turn into a mini ski lodge patio with a fire element and cozy furnishings? Does your landscape have a hint of potential to become a place for you to relax and restart? There are many ways for us to begin transforming our surroundings to embody the feeling of our favorite vacation spot.

Then you have a staycation spot.

Staycation implies that our home can be that place you need often such as a day spa, a meditation retreat, a weekend party spot, or an altar for art and culture. I think many people are tolerating the idea that homes are more for function and necessity. What if your space could support a staycation the whole family looked forward to? A place where spontaneity emerges?

Space, though cannot become a staycation without intentional time. Grab your calendar, find a weekend and block it out. This is your staycation. Plan enough in advance that you can begin to prepare your nest for some seriously luxurious relaxing or uplifting – whatever the spirit calls for. Buy some candles, a fresh bag of coffee for late mornings after sleeping in, prepare some activities that make you and your family connect and feel refreshed. Plan an outing, like you would on vacation, to a part of the city you’ve never seen before. Then come home to a place you love.

If you read this and your mind immediately thought of the reasons why your home “could never be” the kind of place I’m describing, write them down. You have the power to change these things. Take them on, one at a time. If you need more direction, check out my other blog posts that focus on handling clutter, spacial design, balance, relationship with your space, and making your inner world take shape in your outer environment. Space matters.

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