You were born to be a BOSS.

And now that the interweb has all the opportunity in the world for you to ride off into the sunset with a smartphone and a laptop, you know it’s time.

You’ve dabbled so far with your online journey, and you know that social media marketing is THE way to grow online.

But somethings missing… 

Why does it feel like everyone around you is making money online, and you’re left with FOMO?

You’ve already done your share of hustling, so what’s not working? 

Truth is…there are five million wormholes to go down when learning social media marketing. 

And there are far too many dingbat gurus claiming they can teach you ‘their system’ and they make it look so easy, without giving their students the same results.

And yet, you just can’t hustle your way to the answer without a little help from a legit social media friend. 

Social Media Thoughts

My name is Michelle Andersen.

I know this story intimately.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010. Back then social media was new…yeeeeah.

At first, I was a local landscape design-build company. I networked the old fashioned ways…networking and tradeshows, ugh, I don’t want to remember.

When I found social media, I was like, ‘This is how I’m getting my clients’…so I did.

Today, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs like yourself to teach them how to use social media marketing correctly to grow online.

And I’m not talking about becoming a huge influencer or anything like that. Let’s be real.

My specialty is in helping businesses and agency owners, so regular people, make money using one of the world’s most popular advertising platforms.

You know, the one that almost EVERYBODY is on…Facebook…which also owns Instagram. Pretty solid combo if you ask me.

So if you’ve been wanting to figure out how to capture most of the eyes on the planet to grow your brand, or to help other businesses do so…

I want to show you exactly how to do that right here >>

So what’s my story?

I started my landscape design-build company called Flourish back in 2010 because the recession of 2008 resulted in a jobless me. 

After a few years of building this little business, I started using social media marketing to grow it.

I decided I wanted more time and money, so I figured I’d trade in grueling networking and expensive advertising scams for something that could solve this.

So I set up all the social platforms I could think of…then crickets.

Not one to sit idle, I started hiring help..bad help. And taking courses, which are now outdated. But I didn’t let those expensive failures stop me. 

It was with sheer determination to make it work that some magic happened I had not intended…

I went on to create a 4 Hour Work Week with my little 6 Figure landscape company.

Not too shabby. But you’re not here for me to brag.

Today, I’m all about helping YOU skip those painful years it took me to learn (oh, and the $250,000 I spent to do it) social media marketing to experience online business the way it was intended to be. Filled with freedom, fun, and lots of clients!

Every business needs social media marketing in order to get clients and customers. 

Therefore, every entrepreneur either needs to master social media marketing or hire a social media marketer.

So if you’re ready to learn the RIGHT strategies and methods that will allow you to create your online empire, I’m here for YOU.

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