In Summer of 2010, I officially opened my design build landscape business, Flourish. I was married, my own boss, working with friends of mine, and doing the work I had diligently prepared for in college. I thought these were the ingredients for happiness and success.

As a creative, I envisioned rewarding design projects, a happy family, and enough money for our fun and games to be the pinnacle of contentment. There I was with all the factors in place, and I was absolutely miserable. I had so hard to get there, so why didn’t it feel good?

The truth was, I was’t making much money. My business was open, but I wasn’t doing the meaningful work I was hoping for. My personal relationships were disastrously chaotic – especially the one with my husband. Almost all the things in my life would have to drastically change in order for me to achieve the feeling I was seeking, but I wouldn’t do it alone.

A stubborn, Type-A, know-it-all, I realized I did not have the information I needed to make things better when I met my first coach. I didn’t know this type of helper existed and had I not met her I wouldn’t have thought I could use one. After hiring her, I had made my money back in our first session!

From that moment on I had at least one coach helping me move forward, and I became addicted to the results from shifting my mindset. After transforming my inner world and making major personal changes, it wasn’t until I used Social Media Marketing in my business that I made SERIOUS strides financially.

Social Media Marketing helped me take my client intensive business and turn it into a 4 Hour Work Week, seven figure business. Today I teach people how to do that, too.