I’m a personal coach and designer.

Today I help people feel more aligned with who they are and where they are in their lives as a coach and a designer.

In Summer of 2010, I officially opened my design/build landscape business, Flourish. I was married, my own boss, working with friends of mine, and doing the work I had diligently prepared for in college – I thought these were the ingredients for happiness and success. As a creative, I envisioned rewarding design projects, a happy family, and enough money for our fun and games to be the pinnacle of contentment. There I was with all the factors in place, and I was absolutely miserable. I had exerted so much effort to get there, so why didn’t it feel good?

The truth was, I was’t making much money. My business was open, but I wasn’t doing the meaningful work I was hoping for. My personal relationships were disastrously chaotic – especially the one with my husband. Almost all the things in my life would have to drastically change in order for me to achieve the feeling I was seeking, but I wouldn’t do it alone.

A stubborn, Type-A, know-it-all, I realized I did not have the information I needed to make things better when I met a coach, Tandy Pryor. I didn’t know this type of helper existed and had I not met her I wouldn’t have thought I could use one. After hiring her for a private consult, I knew in an instant two things – that she could help me, and that this work would help me tell the complete story of my gift that I wasn’t able to articulate through design alone.

Inherently I knew that our inner and outer worlds were linked, I just didn’t know how to explain it to people. To completely understand it, I also had to live through an enormous revision of my environment where literally all my possessions, including homes, friends, spouse, and clients would have to change in order to be who I really and truly was. Hiring a coach was the only way I could have made it as far as I did as quick as I did. In fact, when I immediately applied the work from our sessions and saw results I would layer in coaches for specific work so that I was leaving no stone left unturned.

Today I help people feel more aligned with who they are and where they are in their lives as a coach and a designer.

I help people monetize their passions and live authentically.
I tell people the truth about who they are, no matter what they might think of me.
And I never, ever settle for less for myself or for my clients.

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