While I am a natural entrepreneur, a friend of risk taking, I was not a natural business person. I became a business person because of my passion to be creative and absolute commitment to be my own boss. Had I not taken the effort to build my skill purposefully, I would have had to close the doors to Flourish Design.

Flourish Design is a landscape design build company I started in 2010. In those days my business plan was a Honda Civic full of plants, a clip board, and a resilient attitude. By 2018, Flourish had become the vehicle by which I had cut my teeth on some tremendous personal growth. Flourish’s sales continued to climb at a desirable pace, despite how I scaled back my involvement. The company I thought I’d never unhook my total oversight from is now a four hour work week. I spend most of my time on my coaching practice and building other creative brands. How did I do it?

Why Beauty Matters - Connecting with beauty makes business growth easier

Why Beauty Matters
Connecting with beauty makes business growth easier

Deciding to Wear the Boss Hat

In my early quest in trying to be a great designer, I consistently asked myself why beauty matters. How could I create the best outdoor living spaces for people? What is it that makes something beautiful to someone? I wanted to be the best at knowing how to solve these questions.

It was a bummer to realize I was going to have to wear hats in addition to designer if I wanted to remain my own boss. I was so focused on the idea of growing as a creative, it scared me to have to learn how to run a business. Changing priorities felt risky and I feared loosing my talent. I had big visions of being a creative lady and rolling with that.

Business didn’t strike me as creative.

Business seemed like number crunching, late nights, and navy blazers and this was NOT interesting. I feared loosing myself and I wasn’t even sure who I was yet.

Eventually I swallowed my pride and paid attention to where I needed to learn new things. This new hat, which was really ten hats, was better than wearing an employee hat. At first it sucked and I wasn’t very good at it.

With that same resilient attitude and competitive drive I placed myself in a whirlwind of transformation. Yeah, I did buy some stupid blazers and crunch numbers during this period.

Seeing the Link Between Personal Life and Business Life

I learned how closely business growth is linked to personal growth as I peeled back the layers. I was intrigued. This discovery made me move forward with even more momentum. I noticed the changes in who I was being as a business person were allowing me to gain personal freedom. There was also an intricate link between my self-growth and my environment. In place of my quest as a designer in discovering why beauty matters, I began to see something better. This growth showed me something I needed to see to complete my first quest.

Diving deeply into the growth I needed as a person and business owner was like a fated journey. I needed to go down new rabbit holes to see what my true gift is. I devoured the new perspectives I learned from my coaches, the right books, and coaching conferences. In applying the new ways of being I transformed rapidly into a business lady. I noticed as I changed who I was being on the inside, my environment would naturally change, too.

Discovering the Mirror Effect Self Growth Has on Environment

The more accurate I felt about who I was being, the more appropriate the people, places, and things in my life became. It was as if being this new version of me opened me to see things that were always there. It also happened that as I changed, certain parts of my life that I didn’t need anymore would fall away almost effortlessly. The mirror effect was profound and unreal, but I went with it and used it as a leveraging tool.

Learning this, I employed the world around me to purposefully uplift where I was headed. I bought new clothes for the new me and I chopped people and situations out of my life. I changed the decor in my home, banning all used and broken items, only accepting beauty.

A commitment to beauty inside and out become the word, and I was the word.

I finally got good at being the boss and I started to see the beautiful necessity for good business and personal growth. I also began to see how design gets in the hands of people who need it. Having a great business mindset is key. Business and creativity relied on each other in order for creations to reach the masses.

Embracing Business Allowed For More Creativity

I started to see smarter ways for me to share my gifts. Best of all, I learned that true business is a beautiful reflection of the creator of the business when done properly. Additionally, going down this path would teach me with crystal clarity who I am and force me to be my true self.

I worked hard to get the hat trick I wanted of joy, financial freedom, and rich relationships. To run my business properly, my own transformation was required. Once I took responsibility for everything that wasn’t working in my life I could gain the beauty I was seeking. Once I found that beauty for myself, I could properly give it to my clients.

Business, self growth, and creativity was all connected.

The journey itself was very creative. In fact, it has given me a very meaningful way to build beautiful brands, becoming far more creative than by just designing landscapes alone. By letting go and facing the fear of the unknown I became more than I thought I could be.

Business is Beautiful

Along the way, I found this quote by Andy Warhol, and I believe it to be true:

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

I had always wanted to understand more fully why people crave beauty, and I found it to be because it inspires us to move toward that next iteration of who we are. I found why beauty matters unexpectedly by taking the back road away from where I thought I might find it. While it took bravery to shift gears, by trusting my gut I ended up gaining a true connection with my inner beauty. I discovered how beauty is a feeling.

I felt how the craving for beauty is really a way for us to create ourselves.

If we follow the path of beauty, then we are really connecting with who we are. That’s the whole authentic thing that everybody keeps talking about. For me it involved a rebirth that required a lot of trust in myself and the unknown territory I was going in. As I started to pay attention to beauty as a feeling, the hardness in life fell away and a clearer path back to myself emerged.

Struggle is a Choice

Have you ever struggled with where to take the next part of your journey? I know many people, especially creatives, struggle when it comes to finding the way their beauty will survive and contribute to the world while also allowing it to be a survival mechanism. Creative entrepreneurs, artists, actors, musicians, and small businesses are all creative manifestors for whom their survival and gifts uplifts us all.

To see others break new ground and get their gifts into the light is a constant rebirth of why beauty matters. The more efficiently and fluently this can happen the more ease you create for yourself and others. My journey really sucked at first. Honestly, it was a rickety, ugly journey for quite some time. It involved an immense amount of trust in myself and loss of what I knew.

My friends fell away, my husband became an ex, and I sold and moved and sold and moved houses and all their contents on the obsessive quest to keep following where I keep seeing results. I unraveled a very sick world of dysfunction by shedding layer after layer of lies I had believed about how creativity needed to be boxed up and sold. In addition to the lies I believed, I had my own personal traumas to correct.

That journey wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible. Keeping tabs on the faith required to live in the constant unknown taught me that the unknown is just the place to be hanging out if you want to live in true creativity. To be a creative is to create. We are always creating, so why not be creating something in our name and likeness. To do this accurately you have to shed lies, old patterns, and toxic behaviors and it can suck. It’s very easy to get stuck trying to change. If change is constant anyway, why not take charge and be in the driver’s seat.

Beautiful Businesses Require Full Responsibility

Taking full responsibility for where you are in your life and business is the only way to get the results you want. Most people will talk about wanting this and won’t do a damn thing to change it. You’re obviously not one of them, because you’ve read this far. If you’re feeling stuck and need some help correcting course I have some things for you to chew on. I have created a gift that zeros in on the core area you need to focus on to course correct in your life and business FAST. Reconnecting with your desire, the place that is where you feel and become the most beautiful, is the most valuable asset in building a life and business that works the way you want it to.

Click on the right to sign up for the free worksheet that will redirect you back to the path you need to be on and I will tell you right now my methods are for Manifestors only. If you aren’t up for some momentous change you won’t get it. If you don’t mind moving fast, by all means, the worksheet is for you.

Happy Manifesting!

ox, MA

Michelle Andersen

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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at http://michelleanderseninc.com

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