Have you ever listened to a friend talks about a situation and thought, duh, the situation is obviously not working because of something they did….and then a few days later said to yourself, ‘DAMN, I do that same thing, too!’

Whether it’s not balancing your finances, being on your phone too much, or doing too many tasks and not delegating, it can be easy to point your finger and not see the ways you are creating your own drama.

As a coach, that is my daily world – just trying to stay awake as people and clients show me so many things that aren’t working for themselves.

So if we know that blind spots inevitably exist, how do we know where to look for them?

Be awake and open to why something might not be working when a situation is causing stress.

Seems pretty simple, right?

The Signs of Blindspots are Simple to Notice

Stress and sadness are two signs that something needs to be addressed and turned around. Yet these two emotions are so tolerated within ourselves at times, it seems normal to keep them inside.

In reality, it’s our body’s way of saying ‘Hey, let’s change this.’

It’s at that very crossroads where if you don’t remain awake, and you choose to ignore it, you begin to form denial.

Denial is a really scary place to go because of it only compounds with interest the more you decide to not look at problems and not fix them.

So what are some reasons people go down in a spiral of denial?

  • it’s easier to ignore than to admit you were wrong
  • it feels vulnerable to be present to a situation and change it
  • fixing a situation might mean confronting someone and that can be hard
  • some people are so used to being a victim of everything they don’t even realize they can take charge
  • facing something once might open up deeper layers that require even more strength to look at
  • rocking the boat is scary because the outcome is not predictable

Change is a natural part of every moment yet people can make it so hard by resisting what is natural.

Funny thing about denial is…the people that are the deepest in will never see where they are. Or will they?

You Have to Be Awake to Run a Business Well

Here’s what I think:

  • it’s never too late to wake up
  • waking up is priceless
  • denial can serve to allow someone to hit a rock bottom that will indeed wake them up to change
  • we can never know all there is to know about our growth, only be awake to the next steps
  • don’t line yourself up with someone who’s in denial and not addressing their fog unless you want to struggle

Be kind to yourself if you resonate with any of this. It’s totally cool to look at a situation with new eyes and say, ok, I’m going to be strong and act out of love by fixing this.

Use Love of Self to Grow Out of Blind Spots

If you want to know how to spot a blind spot, you have to have courage to look at yourself. Looking at yourself involves loving yourself enough to see ugly things.

It takes courage to love.

It takes the most courage to love yourself.

That involves looking at your reality and looking at it for what it really is, minus the stories and the lies that you may have told yourself. The thing is, it’s always a lie when we try to choose for other people what they should have.

If you want to know how to spot a blind spot, become comfortable at

The only truth we can know is what we need.

Michelle Andersen

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