How to Addiction Keeps People From Getting the Results They Want

Gosh, where do I even begin with the topic of addiction? It’s a big topic, right?

Here I’ going to explain how people are using addiction as a way to escape, avoid, and distract from where they really want to go in their life and business.

The addictions I commonly see can be as follows, but insert anything you care to here:

  • substance abuse
  • codependency to a person or being around people
  • working too much
  • risky situations
  • phones
  • food
  • shopping

Many of life’s greatest joys give direct access to or allow some or all of the above things.

Working too much, for example, is a culturally accepted addiction that can be justified by the false belief that working harder produces more of a better result.

That is just not true. Working harder allows a person to ignore other parts of life, control others by not being present with them, and to burn out.

Addiction Loves Company - Addiction Keeps People From Getting the Results They Want

Addiction Loves Company
How To Addiction Keeps People
From Getting the Results They Want


One thing all addictions have in common is the lack of understanding as to what to do with emotions.

Emotions are Important Barometers that Tell You What’s Working and What’s Not Working

People turn to their addictions to avoid FEELING things.

Feelings are a part of being present, and being afraid of feelings can be a reason people want to check out.

Since feelings are a part of relationships, avoiding exposing feelings might be more comfortable than exposing them in the present and not being able to predict the outcome.

If you want a happy life and thriving business, you will want to have the skills around how to have a healthy relationship with:

  • people
  • money
  • clients
  • food
  • spirituality or religion
  • yourself
  • your home

Seems kinda a no-brainer, but think about how well those areas are working for you. For me, I was not pro right out of the gate. Notice how feelings are informants for how well a relationship is working.

Relationships involve relating, that means NOT ignoring, and addictions allow ignoring. Relating is a skill, and it can be learned. And ignoring?

Ignoring creates a fog where you can hide, and the worst addictions become insane.

It is Socially Acceptable to Hide From Feelings in Groups that Enable an Addiction

But what about those happy groups that are using addictions together? Drinking, for example, seems or is really fun. It’s only ‘one more drink, right?’. Addiction loves company in the form of others who agree with you, even if the agreement isn’t a healthy one.

Notice those who thrive in life with the ability to drink vs. those who thrive in life BECAUSE of their drinking habits.

Escaping Inside of an Addiction Puts Blinders on Possibility

One of the fascinating things about people who succumb to addiction, or essentially, ESCAPING REALITY, is that they believe more in the reality that is happening and has happened than the possibility of what could be.

This is a very important point for people who want to up level and get to a new place in their lives because that actually can’t be done without the belief that something that has never happened before is possible. While addiction loves company, creating a new outcome for yourself will require embracing the idea of doing things alone.

For addicts, the main high left in life is where the addiction is fueling their feelings and taking them to a new and temporary place.

Groups of people who agree with escaping will happily enable each other to have that one more drink, just to create a couple hours of joy before they return to the reality they cannot seem to figure out how to change. That’s how one more drink turns into years at the bar.

To break this cycle, you have to believe a new reality for yourself is even possible, and you have to take action.

Breaking Addiction Cycles Can Be Too Difficult to do Alone

Addicts are very focused on controlling and recreating past outcomes, which can seem safer than allowing the unknown because they appear predictable. Addiction loves company because addicts are afraid to listen to their inner voice. The inner voice is what asks you to try new things. Addicts feel safer surrounding themselves with others who are able to justify beliefs that aren’t necessarily authentic or true.

This goes against the nature of how our bodies WANT to work.

The longer an addict stays on a course of recreating the past and dwelling on ‘WHAT IS’, the less they are open to the serendipity that takes us to truly magical levels in life. The places allow for the most miraculous outcomes in life are on the other side of the unknown.

When it comes to addiction, let’s just say I come from a place of street credibility there. I understand this beast.

While it can be beastly, it can be tamed.

If you want to get out of pain and struggle of addictive roller coaster rides and into a beautiful flow of living, which is entirely possible, you have to leave all escaping behaviors behind.

Addictions, escaping, and ignoring can’t coexist with bringing in new outcomes for yourself…

That includes the money, partner, creatively fulfilling work, or any other amazing desire you probably naturally have.

Use Professionals to Help You Stop an Addiction

Breaking these addictions, no matter how trivial they may appear, can seem hard or not worth it. If they remain a distraction to where you want to go, I assure you they will prevent you from leaving a rut of ‘the same’ over and over.

For me to release the addiction that lead me to a chaotic marriage to an alcoholic, I had almost $200k in coaches, counselors, and healing work that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I would pay anything to release an addiction, as I did, because these distraction prevent you from connecting with peace.

To not be connecting to your peace is to living in a constant discomfort, always seeking a fix. It’s bad for business, and it’s absolutely hell on your personal life.

If you need accountability breaking a habit of being yourself, and you’d like to explore having a coach support you and your business along the way, hop on a call with me by clicking here. I’d love to hear what you want to shift around. If you need professional help, be sure to line up the right professionals as well.

Surround Yourself in Self Care and Support if You’re in Need of Releasing Addiction

Don’t worry that lots of people have addictive patterns and that if you need to change, your entire world might need change, too. You do you. Let them stay in the fog. Because where there is one addict, there are many. You’re better off being alone than in a group of people more focused on checking out than be who they truly are.

Your life and business can only be as functional as you are. Layer on the support and edit every person, place, and thing out of your world that would draw you into any addictive patterns. When I needed to heal from codependency, I sold my house, everything in it, ditched all my friends, asked my husband to leave and started brand new. I had TONS of support behind me in people I was paying to allow me to find a functional way.

There is a way, you’re in charge, and I have more to say on this topic so here is a hand-picked post if you want to dive deeper click here.

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