A lot of people who hear what I do when I tell them I have a landscape design build company and a coaching practice say, ‘Oh wow! You must be very busy!’

I think there is a general fear that being more financially successful and fulfilling all your passions means that you have to work harder and longer. That’s just a lie.

I’ve never worked less in my life, yet I’ve never been more financially free or creatively satisfied.

Create Boundaries Around Time and Give it Value

I ruthlessly guard my time because it has value. It has more value than my dollars, but my dollars allow me to leverage time.

Dollars allow me to hire the people who let me float up to the place where my time really needs to be spent to make the most dollars.

Therefore, to leverage time, money gets spent.

In learning this I could see the value immediately and invest with both my personal and professional budgets in services that would allow me to have more space in my life for things like…doing nothing.

Yes, spending money on delegating things YOU don’t need to be doing is how not to be busy.

To figure out how to do that I burned the 8 pm oil sometimes and worked a weekend or two. But I never allowed the current limitations in my cash flow dictate my future reality.

Not buying into the current reality is the way to become a manifestor.

Leverage Your Time or You Will be Stuck Doing Your Business Instead of Running It

Manifestors don’t focus on the current reality and believe what they see. They focus on the future they want to create and leverage the present to make every next reality better.

It works.

But you can only do this with a lot of courage, faith, and persistence.

Shift Mindset With Coaches and Accountability to Grow Your Business

It is not usually very easy to do it alone, but it can be done. I never leave coaching or continuing education out of my budget anymore because I value my time too much to accept less of me anymore.

Believing the old stories and lies about working hard and not valuing yourself enough can leave life left unlived.

I had always wanted to make a living with disposable income, have rewarding work, and have time for my family. Like, a lot of time, like kids raising amounts of time. Essentially, I wanted to learn how not to be busy.

Every step of the way people told me and tried to show me it is impossible. That you have to trade one for the other. That you have to only pick two.

I refused to believe it.

We Live in a Culture Committed to Being Busy

I didn’t get it right at first, but then I saw how easy it could be if I stopped agreeing with all the false information about time, money, and self-worth and started living my truth.

People that know me know I do not play games with what I want for myself and you shouldn’t either.

It can be damn hard to stick to your guns when all the examples out there are showing you a different way of being. Those moments are only a test.

Plow through them to prove your theory.

In committing to not being busy some interesting things have come to the surface.

Too many to share here but think about this, if you desire to have more time, money, or freedom, what is stopping you from getting it?


Did a catch 22 just cross your mind?

That you don’t have the time because you don’t have the money and you don’t have the money cuz you don’t have the time.

That very catch 22 is what kept me in pain for much of my adult life. Stepping into manifestor mode meant that I had to take a risk.

Putting the Cart Before the Horse is Required for Growth

Time or money would have to be risked to break that catch 22 open and prove it wrong.

If it was easy, everybody would be there.

If it was impossible, I wouldn’t be writing this to you now with my company’s sales growing every year while I work less and less.

My next leap – I’m going to stop working Fridays and spend that day doing creative pursuits like music…for fun.

How would your life be different if you were right where you want to be?

Are you a manifestor?

Here’s how you can tell:

  • you’re reading this now
  • you were born to be a creative being
  • there is DESIRE in your heart to been seen and heard
  • you love and care for the outcome of your life
  • you want to be free of pain and struggle so you can live in joy and freedom

If you *think* there is something more for you, there is. Let’s chat – pop on a call with me by clicking right here. Use that FREE call to see if I am a fit for your manifestor journey or at the very least have a breakthrough around a current challenge.

I can’t want your happiness more than you. But if you really want it and need that new perspective, I can help.

TRUST me, the perfect outcome for you exists.

May I walk in my own shoes as an example of what can be.

Michelle Andersen

Author Michelle Andersen

Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at http://michelleanderseninc.com

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