Have you ever wondered when to make big changes in your life or business?

I’ll never forget my doctor saying in her matter of fact tone, ‘There’s never a ‘Good’ time to have a baby.’

She was right, I can’t imagine what that life change is like but I know my friends disappear off the face of the earth when babies arrive.

I also never heard a person regret the joys that came with newborns.

Big changes are just that, they are changes. They bring contrast, high and lows, and that is how transformation works.

In my initial self-growth fantasy, I thought at some point all parts of life become EASY.

I realized that you only end up with better tools to handle what emerges, not a lack of challenge.

This is good because if all the ripples were smoothed out, life would be boring.

The ripples create the contrast we need to be inspired to change.

Contrast Creates the Highs and Lows that Provides Inspiration to Evolve

Who are we if we aren’t making choices about how the environment around us unfolds and taking steps forward based on that?

The choice we are faced with in these moments is to either REACT TO or CREATE what happens next.


The more we use reaction mode, the further we get away from our center and the truth of who we are.

That’s how people start to get really scared about when to make big changes, and why big changes are required in the first place.

The further you go from your center, the further you have to go to get back to it.

You can always autocorrect your way back to your center, if you get off course.

In business, you need to know where your center is so as not to get into overwhelm. There are TOO many decisions to be constantly making.

In life, the same.

Your Business Can Create Urgency for Personal Change

But why is it that in business it becomes more acceptable to make big changes than in our personal lives?

I notice that people are more willing to tolerate being off course in their personal lives than in business because their business will show them what’s not working by not allowing money to flow.

In their personal lives, they will just incur emotional or physical pain by being off course.

But these indicators of change are related. They are both saying that it is time to autocorrect. And change.

But what if you don’t know how to autocorrect and you need major triage?

Well, I know the shortcut.

HOW do I know the shortcut?

Because I took the long, long, long way and I thought…

I could save my people a TON of:

  • TIME
  • STRESS… 


So, would you pay $100 to get information like that? Cool.

What about $200k?

I would.

I did. In seven years that’s what I’ve spent on mastermind groups, private coaching, VIP days, coaching conferences, EFT, yoga training, healing drumming sessions, Shamanic training…

Oh, Honey, I turned over ALL the stones to get out of pain and into the good stuff. I was making one big change after another. Do I know when to make big changes?

Making Changes as a Habit Leads to Transformation and Manifestation

Yes, the moment when you are inspired to make them.

With this mentality, my business & my personal life have been transformed.

In fact, since I know when to make big changes, and I’ve done them, the way my life looks now, some people just think I’m goofing around most of the time.

I’m not.

I’ve built a scalable business model that anyone can do. And I’m NOT trading time for money anymore.

Here I am the night my company was nominated as one of the smallest businesses to compete for making a huge community impact by the Goering Center for Private and Family owner businesses.

when to make big changes

By learning that change itself was the fuel for transforming my life into one with ease a flow, knowing how and when to make bug changes would become one of my most savvy entrepreneurial tools in my toolkit.

As a coach, I don’t hold back on the REAL reasons on how to get there.

Because I’m PAINFULLY aware of how far away too many people are from living out their lives as they’re meant to.

Is it ok if I share the most important secret about how to get there with you?

Not for $200k…

Not even for $100…


I’ve been selfish long enough…

I’ve finally packaged up a little worksheet that’ll take you out of your pain if you’ve so found yourself in some.

It is very simple on the surface, but it is not for the faint of heart.

In fact, people who are just curious WILL NOT receive impact from this.

But people who are ready will.

Click here to get this FREE WORKSHEET, save yourself SEVEN YEARS and $200k, and kick off the change you’ve been craving.

I’m not embarrassed to say I KNOW MY SHIT when it comes to transformation.

Time to pay it forward.

Michelle Andersen

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Michelle Andersen teaches and coaches motivated Self growth afficionados how to align with beauty to transform their lives. She is a multi-venture entrepreneur who helps her clients connect who they are with where thet are. Her other trands can be found at http://michelleanderseninc.com

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